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This ones for all my girls with the DRY hair...

Okay, I did a blog about what to do if you have oily hair (

So now I'm going to tell you some tips and tricks on how to handle dry hair

First things first, how do you know if your hair is actually dry and not damaged?

Dry hair is typically from your roots to your ends, consistently dry all over. It can look dull, frizzy, and feel like straw (hay for all my non-southerners)

Damaged hair typically will feel dry or damaged in a certain area, or sometimes all over.

Another key factor for damaged hair is it will feel mushy when wet, or break off easily. But that's another blog post for another day.

Dry hair can be caused by several factors:

-Genetics, health related issues, or age

Genetically, your dry hair can be hereditary. If your mama, brother, sister, and aunt all have dry hair, that's probably why yours is dry. If that's not the case, it could be health related. Conditions like hypothyroidism for example can cause the hair to feel dry and even brittle. Now age comes in to play due to getting older. As you age, your sebum production reduces, causing dryer skin and scalp [this is reminding me I need to make a botox appointment]


This is one people tend to forget, especially during the summer time. If you are constantly outside exposing your hair to the sun, at the beach, in a pool, or just live in a hot climate, your hair is going to be on the dryer side.

-Hair care routine

This one is pretty simple, if you wake up every day and wash your hair when it is not oily feeling, you are over washing it and making it more dry. Or lets say someone has curly or wavy hair, but they wash their hair with a volumizing shampoo every time, that's making it more dry. Having a good hair care routine is essential to healthy hair for every hair type.

-Lightening the hair or hair color

My blondes know exactly what I'm talking about. Lightening (bleaching) your hair can make it dry. Plain and simple. To lift the hair to that perfect blonde color, we have to open up the cuticle of the hair, which takes away natural oils that your hair needs to keep it shiny and smooth.

-Thermal tools

This one is my favorite, and mainly because I bitch about it to on average 2 clients a day. Over straightening, curling, or blow drying your hair can make it really dry. We are all guilty of it! I can always tell when I curl my hair too much in one week because by the time Saturday comes around, my ends are screaming.

Now that I broke down what can cause it, here's how to fix it!

Pro tip #1: Find a good hair care routine

[This is really several tips in one but the same category]

Make sure you have the right products in your shower. Start with a moisturizing or vegan protein based shampoo and conditioner. My personal favs are the Ref Intense Hydrating shampoo and conditioner or the Oribe Gold Lust shampoo and conditioner.

*Animal proteins when overused can be extremely harsh on the hair and can cause breakage.

After your hair is washed, the 3 must have products are:

-A salon quality hair masque: apply this once a week or more depending on how dry your hair is, for a minimum of 10 minutes. Ive slept in a hair masque before yall. And if you are buying professional and not drugstore, it will not make your hair greasy. Amika Nourishing masque is my favorite!

-Serum: I apply serums when my hair is wet or dry. This will help give it the extra boost you need to keep your hair silky smooth and frizz free. Oribe Gold Lust Oil is

-Heat protectant: Say it with me...I do not need to straighten my hair or curl it everyday. Amen.

Seriously, you don't. Using a good heat protectant will help lock in all the good oils you need while protecting your hair from the heat and giving your style some hold. I use Redken Iron Shape.

These 3 products to me are holy grail for anyone with hair on their head that has ever been colored, damaged, or dry. My fine hair girls don't need a hair serum typically, but you everyone could benefit from a masque and heat protectant.

Pro tip #2: Don't wash your hair as frequently

Dry hair can mostly be linked to over washing, but if you are worried about oily roots, refer to my last blog. Skipping the wash=less damage, less heat, more sleep.

Pro tip #3: Avoid products with alcohol in it

Alcohol will dry your hair out in a heart beat. Read your labels ladies!

Pro tip #4: If you are going outside-take care of your hair

This tip relates to the environmental factors. Going outside for a long period of time? Wear a hat and/or a spray UVB protectant. Going swimming? Put a hair masque on your hair or conditioner to help protect it from absorbing salt water/chlorine. These tips will also prevent your hair color from fading too quickly.

You take care of your skin when you go outside, take care of your hair too!

I hope these tips help! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me on instagram @weddingsbyabbey

Have a great day!

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