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Hair Growth Hacks

Hey yall! I hope everyone is having a fantastic holiday season.

I am currently sitting at the car dealership waiting on my car to get serviced (no fun) so I figured this was a great opportunity to let you in on some of my favorite hair growth tips and tricks.

Everyone wants healthy hair, and that's honestly the key to growth. If your hair is healthy, it will grow. But if your hair isn't healthy or you feel like it just isn't growing, what can you do?

I am currently on my hair growth journey and the tips I am about to give you are what I personally think have given me the best results.

*I will be mentioning supplements and vitamins. I am not a doctor, just a gal working on herself during this crazy year. If you have any questions about if you can or can not take them, consult your physician.

Scrunchies: they aren't just a cute accessory

Traditional elastic pony tail holders (hair ties for non Southerners) are hair growth KILLERS. The tension from traditional ties can pull the hair, causing breakage. Especially when worn on a frequent basis. Wearing a scrunchie or a non-elastic hair tie can significally prevent damage and help with hair growth. For my thick hair girls: I know scrunchies do nothing for the hair. Double up on a spiral hair tie instead (the thick coiled plastic ones). And when they stretch out, just put them in a hot cup of water. They will tighten back up! I know changing your pony tail holder seems simple, but its an important step. If you are growing your hair out, breakage or any kind will set you back.

Healthy hair starts on the INSIDE

Just like your skin, healthy hair starts from the inside. My favorite thing to take for hair growth is an unflavored collagen powder. [I choose unflavored so I can put it in my coffee every morning, making it super easy to take.] Collagen is theorized to support thicker, healthier hair growth by using the amino acids a builder for a better foundation. And the stronger the foundation=the better the results. Bonus: its also good for your skin!

I have personally noticed the biggest difference using collagen, even my husband started taking it. But just fyi: my hair on my head is growing faster but so is my leg hair (yay)

If a powder isn't your thing, or you want to double up, take a biotin supplement. I prefer this one by Nature Made because it is USP approved. This is the most common supplement to take for hair growth and the market is super saturated with options. Do your research and figure out which on is best for you. How ever, biotin is biotin-just because it says something like "Hair and Nails" on it doesn't necessarily mean it's any different from a regular bottle of biotin. Save you that extra $5 for Starbucks.


This is the most expensive thing on the list, but I SWEAR by this stuff. I have truly seen it work miracles on clients and myself. I took this a few years ago when I had bob regret and my hair grew 4 inches in one month. FOUR! The average hair growth is typically 1-1.5 inches every four weeks. Since then, if I'm noticing my hair slowing down in growth or just overall not feeling healthy, l'll take it again as a good reset. So if your hair is on its last leg, damaged, thinning, or you are willing too spend some extra $$$, buy this. It works.

Stimulate your scalp

Stimulating your scalp is a big one! Stimulating the scalp gets blood flowing and dilates the blood vessels in the scalp, stimulating hair growth and in turn stretching hair cells which helps produce thicker hair. Get your partner to give you a little head massage, or purchase something like this silicone scalp massager you can use when conditioning your hair or while watching your favorite show on Netflix. I personally don't recommend the wire massagers because they tend to tangle and tear hair.


put. the. straightener. down.

Seriously. Nothing stops hair growth more than constantly putting heat on the hair. If you are wanting to control frizz, start with a good smoothing product and smooth your hair while blow drying as much as you can first. If you feel like you have to use the straightener, use a heat protectant spray or cream (salon quality) and turn the thermal tool to the lowest setting.

This applies to curling the hair too, which I'm guilty of.

Thanks for reading! I hope these tips and tricks help. As always, talk to your hair stylist about what they think is best for you and your hair type.

Happy holidays!



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