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2021 Hair Challenge

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Well, almost.

I don't know about you, but I am SO ready to just be done with 2020.

But if 2020 has taught us anything, It is that we need to prioritize our mental and physical health.

So for 2021, I have decided to prioritize my health by meditating more, working out, drinking water, and focusing on just feeling my best. But for me, part of feeling my best is having bomb ass hair. So I challenge you to join me this upcoming year on giving yourself the healthiest hair of your life. Below are the guidelines I am giving myself (and you if you join me in this!)

-Take a before picture

On January 1st, take a picture of the length of natural hair currently from the back and the front. This way, at the end of the year, we can see our growth progress!

*BONUS if you put a plain white piece of paper underneath the ends of the hair. Then you will really be able to see any damage clearly.

-Invest in your hair

This one is pretty simple, invest in good products that will aid in your hair journey. For example, olaplex or a strengthening shampoo and conditioner. And If you want a change in your color, go to a professional. If you can, keep the lightening to a minimum.

-Masque once a week for 30 minutes or longer

This is a simple step that makes a HUGE difference. Before you wash your hair use a hair masque for 30 minutes or longer. I am going to use the Amika Kure hair masque to start. If your hair is super damaged, start with using the hair masque twice a week instead.

-Take a vitamin

I plan on taking a multivitamin and biotin every day along with my collagen powder. I can't wait to see the results of this! Refer back to my previous blog for my personal recommendations.

-Use no heat (or a very low heat)

This one is going to be HARD for me. On days you can...use no heat. Skip the hair dryer and let your hair air dry. But on days that styling is a must...use the LOWEST heat setting with a heat protectant. I am getting my NBR reinstalled, which is great because styling holds twice as long, so that is even less heat to put on my hair.

-Routine hair trims

This sounds scary, especially when trying to grow out your hair. But I promise this is crucial to having healthy, beautiful hair. If you do not trim your spilt ends regularly, the split ends with fray up and cause more damage. So every 6-12 weeks, make an appointment to get at least 1/2 inch trimmed. My ends need some loving, so at the beginning of the year, I am going to go ahead and cut off 3 inches. That way I am getting rid of a bulk of the damage right away.

-Take a picture every 3 months

Take 2 pictures as close as you can to your before pictures so you can start seeing progress!

And of course I will keep my blog updated with my progress shots and anything I add or change into my routine. I am so excited to see progress pictures!

Follow me on instagram @weddingsbyabbey and tag me in your hair challenge pictures!

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