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How to train your hair to not be oily

Raise your hand if you wash your hair every day...

Now raise your hand if you feel like your hair is lifeless, dry, brittle, frizzy, or even have an itchy scalp....

If you wash your hair every day I can almost promise you that you are experiencing at least one of these.

"But Abbey, my hair feels so gross if I don't wash it every morning!" or "But my hair is so flat if I don't wash it every day!"


When you wash your hair everyday, you are stripping the natural oils from the scalp. And I'm not talking about sweat and the haven't washed my hair in 10 days oils, I'm talking about the really good stuff. Like the natural fatty acids, triglycerides, and waxes that are in sebum.

But why is this good for my hair? Your bodies natural oil protects your hair from several things I listed above.

The natural oil from your scalp:

-maintains your scalps natural pH to help prevent itchy scalp or dandruff

-moisturizes the hair

-prevents breakage and brittleness

I think its safe to say no one wants breakage or bad hair. So why strip your hair of its natural defense to it?

But my hair iS sUpEr GrEaSy if I don't wash it every day...

Yeah of course it is- washing your hair every day has trained your scalp to over produce oil to make up for what is being taken from it.

So how do you train your hair to not be so oily? Follow these steps:

*Just know, if you have been washing your hair every day for years, this process is going to be rough and you're probably going to hate me. Trust the process! It is so worth it in the end.

Pro tip #1: Make sure you are using the right shampoo and conditioner

Talk to your stylist about what hair care regimen is best for your hair type. Having the right shampoo and conditioner makes the biggest difference

Pro tip #2: Use a clarifying shampoo once a week at the beginning

Oily hair and products can cause build up. Once a week before using your regular shampoo, try washing your hair with a light clarifier first.This will remove all the build up and help make your hair feel extra clean.

Pro tip #3: Blow dry your hair, don't air dry

This is personally what makes the biggest difference for me. Blow dry your hair instead of letting it air dry! I can always go at least 3 days between each shampoo when I blow dry, but can only do a day when I air dry my hair. Blow drying your hair gives you extra volume and gets your hair off your scalp.

Pro tip #4: Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is angel sent straight from heaven. As soon as you are done drying your hair, apply your dry shampoo to the roots. Not only does this help give you lift and texture, but it also can help you go longer in between each wash. Think of dry shampoo as a deodorant. You put deodorant on before you sweat so you don't get smelly to prevent and then later to correct. So apply your dry shampoo first to prevent the oil, and then apply as needed to correct.

Pro tip #5: Brush your hair

If you don't brush your hair, your scalp isn't getting stimulated and all of those good oils are just sitting on your scalp. Help distribute the oils and move them on down the hair strand by brushing your hair every day! Stimulating your scalp also helps with hair growth, so its a win win in my book.

I hope these tips helped, if you have any questions please ask! Not washing your hair everyday is the best way to achieve healthier hair and a better color experience.

For more tips and tricks, follow me on instagram @weddingsbyabbey

Have a great day loves!

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