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Wedding planning during a pandemic?

Lord have mercy.

March of last year when I was told I had 2 weeks off of work because of a "virus" I was like cool. Here we are a year later and even though we have more knowledge of Covid, none of us still have any clue what the hell is going on.

We have all been hit hard by this, I know. But as someone who works in an industry

that has kind of been pushed to the side during all this, I feel some type of way. Especially for people planning their wedding during a pandemic.

So pandemic wedding couples: this one is for you.

Hopefully in 2021 we will have more clarity and things will return to "normal" or what ever that is. But in the mean time, here are a few tips I have learned as a wedding hair and makeup artist, daughter of a [part time but needs to be full time because she is so good] wedding planner, and beauty industry professional that will hopefully help give you some clarity on planning a wedding during an uncertain time.

Make sure you have insurance

Did you know wedding insurance is a thing? Most people don't. Wedding insurance right now is huge for one reason: unforeseen circumstances. Most wedding vendors have been super flexible and understanding during the pandemic, but its better to be safe than sorry. Check out this link to learn more about wedding insurance and the different types.

Just got engaged? Start booking asap

Before Covid, couples had time think about who they want as a vendor and could book [some] of them closer to wedding date. But now, with so many weddings postponed, vendors are booking out a year to two years out in advance to make up for the shut down. If you have a vendor in mind that you absolutely love, reserve them asap!

Inventory is low, but its on its way!

Covid put a stop to all shipping and manufacturing for a while there. So if you go to a store to try on a suit or dress but notice the inventory is super low, don't be discouraged! As things slowly open back up, inventory will be restocked.

As always, shop local.

Shop local guys. Can't find what you need in a major retail store? I bet a local store has something similar. Small business got hit so hard during all this. Is what you're needing custom? Reach out to a local business. Like I said above, inventory is low in most major retail stores. A local place might can get it to you faster!

Have a back up plan

Always have a back up plan. With another possible shut down in the works, think about another future date you would want. Or, even consider an elopement.

Hire a wedding planner

Wedding planning is already so overwhelming, hire someone who knows what they are doing. Spend the extra money on this, I promise it is sooo worth the less stress and guidance.

I hope this helped! If you have any tips of tricks, leave them in the comments! Happy wedding planning!

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