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What is NBR?

In two weeks and 5 days (I'm obviously counting down) I will be flying out to California to finish my first round of training with Natural Beaded Rows.

Since August, I have been training with coaches and the creator of NBR hair extensions to learn this method backwards and forwards. We have done online training, weekly check ins, live zoom trainings, and even had some homework. But flying out to Cali means I get to complete this first round of training in person and get to fine tune my new craft.

I've talked about Natural Beaded Rows in another blog, but I want to go into more detail with this one.

So what exactly is NBR? NBR is a hand tied hair extension method. These hand tied hair extensions are the closest you can get to your natural hair, but better. They are lightweight, comfortable, and easy to hide. You can style them and wear them like your normal hair.

These hair extensions are 100% customizable. You can adjust the color to match yours, you can have length, density, you name it. But my favorite part about this method is how it is less damaging than any other method. What does this mean? It means healthy hair before and after the extensions. Other extension methods create tension in the hair which causes breakage. NBR distributes the weight of the hair evenly around the head to give you fullness all over, but no points of tension. The way they are put in is what really sets them apart.

I am going to start taking hair models soon. And I can not wait to show you what Natural Beaded Rows is all about. If you are interested in this extension method, you can dm me on instagram @weddingsbyabbey or contact me 843-524-1838

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