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The new normal-ish


Y'all, when I tell you I have never been so excited to get back to work... I can not wait to see all of your smiling faces starting Monday.

We have a few new requirements during this time. So please read and let me know if you have any questions.

First off, thank you SO much to everyone who checked on me or purchased retail and gift cards from me. This was a huge help in making sure we could all keep business going.

I really appreciate each and every one of you.


Over quarantine I have kept up with a list of clients who got their appointments canceled. Some of you had multiple canceled-you get first dibs in scheduling (for example, I had one client lose 3 of her appointments, so she will get first dibs.) Second dibs goes to anyone who was schedule in march or early April, third goes to late April and early May. If you did not get first pick, I am sorry for the inconvenience but this is the only way to keep it fair.

I am also not taking any appointments past June 3rd due some personal reasons that I will announce later this week.


This ones a doozy, so bare with me. I am about to list several requirements that I will expect from any of my clients coming in for an appointment, but first this is what you can expect from me:

-I am up to date and certified on sanitation and disinfection requirements for COVID-19 and working in the salon

-I will be wearing a face shield/and or mask. This is to protect you from me and me from you.

-I will be wearing gloves the entire appointment and changing them multiple times.

-15 minutes before your appointment will be dedicated to disinfecting my tools and station

Now this is what I expect from you when you come for your appointment:

-Wait in your car: when you arrive for your appointment, please wait in your car until I call you in or text you to let you know to come inside. This limits the number of guest in the salon

-When you come in, you must sanitize or wash your hands and cannot wear gloves from outside

-You have to wear a mask during your service: this is not a law, but I am requiring it. I am immunocompromised and if you want your hair done you have to wear it. Like I said above, mask protects me from you and you from me.

-Do not bring anyone with you: we have removed seating in our waiting area and are only allowed to have one person besides us at our station at a time. Moms that are bringing children: if they are small I understand, they need you there. This is ONLY if the child is receiving a service.

-CASH OR CHECK ONLY. This limits the amount of people touching and handling my cell phone since that is how I check people out with a card.

-If you have traveled, feel sick, have a fever, or know/been in contact with someone who might have Covid, STAY HOME AND RESCHEDULE

This is the new normal, a weird one but it is. I want us all to stay safe and healthy. Please make sure you follow these guidelines when you come for your appointment and don't hesitate to call me if you have any questions.

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