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Welcome to my website! Thank you so much for stopping by.

Heres a little bit about my business:

-Weddings by Abbey is operated by me, Abigail.

-I am located at the Mailroom Studio in downtown Florence. Thats where I work behind the chair doing color and cuts.

-All my bridal trials are done here, unless we plan it otherwise.

-I love hair and makeup, it has been a passion of mine for a long time. I actually went to nursing school first but knew my heart wasn't in it. So shout out to all the nurses- your job is hard

Now a little bit about me:

-My name is Abigail, but my friends call me Abbey.

-I got married to the love of my life November 23, 2019. So brides, I understand the stress. It was a gorgeous day though. Ill make a blog about that day later

-I am a fur mom to 3 wonderful babies. Shaka, my cat, is who I have had the longest. I actually got her when she was 3 weeks old and had to bottle feed her. So I'm her mom and she doesn't know otherwise. Duke, our Great Dane, is my big baby. When my husband and I started dating I really wanted a dog. He told me I didn't need one, so I went and got the biggest one I could find. #slightlypetty And then there is Stella, our Australian shepherd. She was somewhat of a wedding gift because I really wanted her and my husband said no, so a family friend "gifted" her to us. All I'm saying is, if there is a will there is a way.

-I love to travel. My life goal is to be able to travel to a destination at least once a year. So far I've been to several states, Canada, and Mexico. Im looking to make this list a lot longer.

-I love coffee, guacamole, and bloody that order.

-I can also quote The Office and Parks and Rec. I will watch both of these shows over and over. I don't know what I would do if Netflix removed them. I might would cry.

-I have 6 tattoos. It started with 2 and I swore to my mom I wouldn't get anymore...but here we are.

-Halloween is the superior holiday. Don't argue.

-I love flowers. If I didnt have a cat who eats every plant in existence my house would be covered in them.

Well anyways, that's about it for me and my business. Can't wait to get to know you!


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