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How to choose your wedding hair and makeup artist

As a former bride, I know how hard this decision can be. Wedding day is stressful enough as it is (in the best way possible) but the last thing you want to be stressed about is this: Will I look good in my pictures? Does my hair and makeup look ok?

So the question is, how do you choose a wedding hair and makeup artist?

Like I said, former bride here, so I understand that stress. But as a wedding hair and makeup artist, I also understand the responsibility I have as the artist to perform my best and make sure you look and feel as beautiful as you truly are.

When I got married, I wasn't stressed at all about who was going to do my hair, I already had that figured out. Barbi and Mog are two amazing women I worked with at The Salon of Florence who are both super talented with any hairstyle, so that was an easy choice. Makeup, how ever, was not. I am makeup artist so I am SUPER picky! My go to girl in Florence (Ryan at The Mailroom Studio) was booked, which meant I actually had to do some digging around. Ended up finding Apryl from The Beauty Asylum in Charlotte, NC. To find her, I did everything listed below. Hope these tips help you find your hair and makeup team!

Research. Research. Research.

Look at their instagram, their Facebook, and websites. But the best place to look is the reviews and tagged photos. You can pretty much see if their vibe will fit yours based off of their instagram, but check out the tagged photos and reviews from previous clients. That will give you the true glimpse at what their work will look like day of wedding.

Have a wedding trial

Still not sure? Book a trial appointment! A lot of these appointments come standard with booking your artist, but if you are not sure you want to book with them quite yet, you can always reach out to your artist and schedule a trial appointment in advance. This will more than likely be an extra fee though, just FYI.

Talk to your wedding planner or venue coordinator

Talk to other professionals! They aren't doing hair and makeup, but I can guarantee they know who can do an amazing bridal glam or they have personally worked with a stylist before. Some of the best recommendations you can get is from other working professionals.

These tips are great for finding your dream hair and makeup artist/team. But really they work for finding any vendor in the wedding industry. Your wedding day is a huge milestone, make sure you are surrounded by people you love and trust.

Have a great weekend!


Photographer Hannah Decossas Photography

Hair The Salon of Florence

Makeup Apryl at The Beauty Asylum

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