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I am so excited and probably need to chill but I'm not going to.


Whats the NBR method and why am I so excited?

Well let me give you a little back story. (quick summary on my insta @weddingsbyabbey but the long and more fun one here)

Part of being a hair stylist is never being content with your hair. Well after years of bleaching, coloring, and way too much heat my hair looked awful and needed to be cut. I chopped off my long hair to a bob. This is not what I wanted long term but I knew it needed to be done for the health of my hair. Fast forward about a year and I'm only shoulder length. SHOULDER LENGTH YALL. My hair was not growing and was not healthy on the ends still so I started looking into hair extensions.

My first round of hair extensions was with tape ins. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE tape ins. But I wanted something better. I always hated the way the tape made my hair feel and how many I had to put in my hair in order to get the length that I wanted. And not only that, I couldn't wear my hair in a pony tail or bun and that just killed me half the time. I just felt like it was something I had to deal with until my hair grew out. Now flash forward another year of wearing them and tolerating them, I found out about Naturally Beaded Rows through the hair salon I worked in at the time.

I gave tape ins a break, because honestly my hair needed it. And while I took that break I was watching people around me have their lives changed by this extension method. I thought it was a bunch of bs at first and just kept on keeping on.

Well, big things in life where happening, and Blake and I built a house. So to celebrate that, I wanted professional pictures taken to hang up on our walls because ya know, Pinterest. But my hair still looked like shit from years of chemical and heat damage. This encouraged me to finally bite the bullet and I got my first session of NBR installed.

Not to be dramatic but its like the hair gods came down and said "here, let me change yo life"

I mean the absolute CONFIDENCE I felt after getting these extensions. I never in my life thought hair extensions could make me feel that way but I was like a whole brand new bitch walking through that salon.

So yeah, got our pictures taken, looked flawless, got engaged. Ya know, big life stuff. And I'm not saying having bomb af hair got me a ring, but I didn't have bomb af hair before the ring.

I really feel like NBR made a huge difference during my wedding and overall life. The confidence I had knowing my hair looked good is seriously priceless.

I would not trust any other extension method for my wedding day or day to day life. And I'm not just saying that.

Here's why:

-NBR is customizable down to the color and texture of your hair

-NBR's weight is distributed evenly, meaning no damage or headaches

-You can wear it in a pony tail, bun, braid, possibilities are endless!

-You can swim in them, exercise in them, and not have to worry about them slipping out

-Stylist who learn the NBR method are highly trained by the creator and her team online and in person to make sure you are getting the best results possible. Meaning its not as simple as "one online class and you're certified!"

Stylist are trained for months yall. MONTHS to make sure that we know what we are doing!

I am so excited to continue to learn and grow with Natural Beaded Rows. If you are interested or know someone who is, I will be taking clients in mid November!



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